Monday, January 23, 2006

The Knitting Olympics

I must be a total nut. I have signed on for the Knitting Olympics. The point is to challenge yourself knitting and enjoy watching the Olympics. I had a time thinking of a project to do. What would be a challenge that I would be able to get done in two weeks? I decided that a nice big cardi for me was just the thing. I know what you all are thinking, "See knits sweaters! How is that a challenge?" Well, I'll tell you: I tend to take a LOOOOOOONG time making a sweater. It is not that I am a slow knitter or anything, it is just that I work on so many things at once that it is easy for me to set aside the sweater for a week or two. Do that a couple of times and three months latter I'll have a sweater just in time for June! So my challenge is time.

I had actually already cast on a new sweater, but I made a mistake and frogged the whole thing in a fit of frustration. I have also decided that if I have to seem the damn thing, it will take me more than two weeks. I'll be modifying my pattern to be knit in one piece plus two sleeves.

Here is the yarn I'll be using. It is Lion Brand's Wool-ease chunky in HUCKLEBERRY! Why is that so special you ask, well, huckleberry is the greatest color Wool-ease ever came in. I bought the last seven skiens my Hobby Lobby had 3 years ago or so. I didn't have enough for a plus size sweater (which is important because I am a plus size). So, I had to wait to find more. I found more on eBay not to long ago. I paid too much for it, but now I can make my sweater.

The pattern I am using the pattern in the 2002 issue of Knit it! I'll only be doing small modifications to make the sweater in one piece. Worth it to not seem.

Well, I have had a cold for the past couple of days. I took some time off from work just to get more rest. I did make a few more cat beds. I post pics of the little dears sleeping on them soon.


erin/pinkerbell said...

yay more olympic knitters. i picked up my yarn for Rogue today. trying to stay true to the rulesand put it off.

GaiaGal said...

Ooooh, that yarn IS gorgeous. How fortunate to find some on eBay, you have the best timing, i swear!

I'm waiting for Knit Picks to deliver my olympic yarn, i can't wait!!


Kristen said...

YAYA for the Olympics! Woot go team knitting