Monday, January 24, 2011

Worn Out!

Winter break wasn't long enough. Sigh, but I am back at work; establishing routines with my new classes (that will make things easier as time passes).

There has been a new development. I started teaching in my old program again. Just the middle school English class. I no longer have a plan period, which makes finding time to grade papers and plan lessons very hard. So, I teach three 8th grade English classes (including one co-taught with the Special Education Teacher), two 7th grade English classes, and one alternative education 8th grade English class. It keeps me busy.

I wish I had more of a life. I could blog about my exciting adventures in exotic lands. How about a life full of relationship drama where I compare the relative merits of Mr. Y over Mr. Z? I would love to go back to blogging about my domestic life, but my house is a pig sty, and I just don't have much time to cook or knit (I did finish the world's most boring pair of handknit socks).

But I am a teacher. I spend long hours grading papers, planning lessons, and typing test. For every book I assign to my students to read, I read six. I am a teacher. I have no life.

And I wouldn't trade my job for the world.

Happy Knitting!