Sunday, August 27, 2006

Over the hill, stitching, and yarn sales

First, I must give a shout out to Sly. It is his 40th birthday today! Happy birthday dude; I love you!

Now, for the crafty stuff. I haven't been doing a whole lot of knitting (I have been making slow progress on my Cozy and my Irish Hiking Scarf), but I have continued to practice my stitching.

I was having so much fun that I decided to add some interest to a denim jacket I bought for less than $10 a while back.

While I haven't been doing much knitting, I have been using up all those tiny little balls of cotton left over from a dishcloth blitz. These are ugly as sin dishcloths, but what the hell? I am going to use them to do DISHES, so who cares how ugly they are?

In other knitting related news, I have been doing some serious yarn shopping. I bought Noro from Webs because they are having a sale. It is unlikely that I am going to find Kureyon cheaper than $6 anywhere else. I also got 10 skeins of Lamb's Pride on eBay for $50 (including S&H). Between these two good deals, I have all the yarn I need to make the Sandy Cardi from Big Girl Knits!

There is actually a color in the Noro that matches the Lamb's Pride, but the photo doesn't do the color justice. I am very happy with the color choices. I am also happy that a sweater I was sure was going to cost around $130 to make is going to be more like $90.

I also bought this vintage red wool from England on eBay. I am not sure what I am going to use it for, but 26 ounces cost $21 (that is including the S&H). Erin told me about this charity, so that is a good use for the wool.

Well, I am off to go make frosting for Sly's cake!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

And Now for Something Completely Different

In the past, I have used this blog to demonstrate my complete and utter nerdiness. I have posted a love of Mythbusters, James Bond, Harry Potter, and Star Trek (while that post was pertaining to the more acceptable Star Trek the Next Generation, I am in fact, a walking storehouse of totally useless knowledge on the Original Series, which is the only REAL Star Trek).

I own up to my nerd status. I am comfortable with my completely un-cool nature. I am the antithesis of hip. I married a comic book geek who surprises me with the depth and breadth of his knowledge of Spiderman, X-men, and the Fantastic 4 (to name just a few of the fictional worlds he is well versed in). I am, however, just not sure why he should spend good money on totally useless plastic dolls (I mean action figures). We are a family of nerds.

I am sure believing this to be funny is uber-nerdy; however, being able to identify the title of each episode involved (I love that "Operation Annihilate," aka Attack of the Flying Boogers, represents Spam but "Devil in the Dark" for jam is a bit gross, and I won't even discuss "Journey to Babel" for ham), the names of ancillary characters (isn't Trelane a great dancer? And did you know that William Shatner played the dead body of Kirk's brother, Sam? Christopher Pike is NOT in a pram!), and relevant dialogue ("Aye, they're in the machinery" and "Bunk bunk") makes me so nerdy that nerds look at me and say "whoa, check out that nerd!"

I am also sure that taking the time to find all those relevant links is over the top nerdiness too!

Majorly HUGE Edit:My son has informed me that this post isn't nearly nerdy enough, so I offer you all this, and that!

Okay, so fess up! What is your nerdiest moment ever?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Embrodering the Truth

I know I haven't been a good blogger the past few weeks. It's not that I am not working on my knitting. It's just that I am working on *big* projects, and no one wants to see pictures of the nanometer of progress that I have made on everything anyway. Constant WIPs photos are just boring. I should just set aside a day that I post WIP photos.

Sly and I went shopping yesterday. He needed underwear, socks, and shoes (I am sure he is happy that I am writing about his underwear). While rooting around in the Bargain Books store, I found the Stitch It Kit by Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching for $8 (and a Miss Marple).

The kit was pretty complete, with floss, hoop, booklet, reusable transfers, needles, and fabric. I added the mini pin tomato, scissors, and Altoids tin with needle threader. Since I had everything, I thought I should start to stitch. Now, I did do some pretty ugly embroiders when I was younger. I have also stitch a few knitting totes recently, but I was pretty rusty at the time. I think I have got the rust pretty well oiled now, what do you think?

First, I did this sweet little strawberry.

Then I did the cute coffee pot and cup. I think both turned out really great, and neither took long to do. I was in need of some instant gratification crafting. Knitting is all about delayed gratification.

After my success, I bought this:

Good ol' Walmart, more floss then I'll ever use for $10!

I also ordered new Sublime Stitching patters: Krazy Kitchen, Day of the Dead, Craftopia, Pinups, Gothic, Om Sweet Om, and Dainty Days.

I have a black hoodie that I bought on sale for $5 a while back. I am going to start stitching all over it tomorrow.

That is all for now,
Happy Crafting!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Socks, RVs, and Jeeps

Here is my version of the Harlot's traveling sock. It is the Vine Lace sock from the Socks, Socks, Socks book in Koigu. Sly and I went away to Michigan for the weekend. We had loads of fun, and it was good to get out of the house for a while. The heat has kept me inside with the AC for two weeks, and I was in need of some fresh air.

We stayed with some friends who have a weekend place near Irons Michigan. There are motor sport tracks all over the place up there, so Sly and I got to do some Jeep-ing. We were able to use this red Jeep for the weekend. I have never done any kind of off road adventure before. It was like hiking without all
that pesky walking. We turned down dirt roads to get to two track roads, and finally, paths! After a while, I wasn't even sure I was still in Michigan any more. I wish I could remember this little guy's name. Everybody had *D* names, and I just can't make myself remember. He's a funny little guy who can drive a tractor all by himself, at the age of 4! I mean a real tractor, not a ridding lawn mower.

I did plan to go to yarn stores, but the two we past on the way up were closed. Saturday, my shopping time was spent trying to find a new LP tank for the RV. It was $70, so shopping was a no go for the weekend. I don't really need the yarn, but a LYS that I had never been to before could have been fun. Instead, we drove all over Cadillac Michigan trying to get propane and propane accessories. Where is Hank Hill when you need him?

Buddy had the time of his life! He was able to run around a bit off his leash with Buster the boxer. Buddy couldn't help himself. He ran 2 miles down the road and then went 2 miles the other way. Silly dog. BTW, his tongue really is black and red like that, and even his vet is not sure about what breeds Buddy can claim. He is listed as a chow mix because of the tongue.

He is Sly after a bumpy ride in the woods and a nice hot shower (thanks to the $70 LP tank). Isn't he cute?

He is my sock just before we left to go. As you can see, I didn't get much done. I was pretty sure that Jeep would not have been safe with metal DPNs.

So, what did all of you do for the week end?

Happy knitting!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cooking, baking, and sewing -- OH MY!

So, I do more than knit. While I have been knitting everyday (despite the stoopid hot outside), I don't have much to show but progress on WIPs. WIP pictures have got to be the most boring thing to put on a blog, so I am showing what I did today BESIDES knit.

I made this little quilted books for Jess, Erin's daughter. She is turning 5 this week!

I made zucchini bread from my mother's recipe. MMMMM, this is a real recipe made back in the days before the low fat police spoiled all cook books. It is downright yummy. I am going to wrap several in my heirloom aluminum foil and take to S&B tonight.

And last but not least, turkey stock. The stock will be frozen and used for various soups and stews. The turkey breast will be cut up and turned into delicious turkey salad for lunch. The veggies will have spent all of their goodness into the stock and be tossed out.

So, that is my day. What are the rest of you up too?