Saturday, August 19, 2006

And Now for Something Completely Different

In the past, I have used this blog to demonstrate my complete and utter nerdiness. I have posted a love of Mythbusters, James Bond, Harry Potter, and Star Trek (while that post was pertaining to the more acceptable Star Trek the Next Generation, I am in fact, a walking storehouse of totally useless knowledge on the Original Series, which is the only REAL Star Trek).

I own up to my nerd status. I am comfortable with my completely un-cool nature. I am the antithesis of hip. I married a comic book geek who surprises me with the depth and breadth of his knowledge of Spiderman, X-men, and the Fantastic 4 (to name just a few of the fictional worlds he is well versed in). I am, however, just not sure why he should spend good money on totally useless plastic dolls (I mean action figures). We are a family of nerds.

I am sure believing this to be funny is uber-nerdy; however, being able to identify the title of each episode involved (I love that "Operation Annihilate," aka Attack of the Flying Boogers, represents Spam but "Devil in the Dark" for jam is a bit gross, and I won't even discuss "Journey to Babel" for ham), the names of ancillary characters (isn't Trelane a great dancer? And did you know that William Shatner played the dead body of Kirk's brother, Sam? Christopher Pike is NOT in a pram!), and relevant dialogue ("Aye, they're in the machinery" and "Bunk bunk") makes me so nerdy that nerds look at me and say "whoa, check out that nerd!"

I am also sure that taking the time to find all those relevant links is over the top nerdiness too!

Majorly HUGE Edit:My son has informed me that this post isn't nearly nerdy enough, so I offer you all this, and that!

Okay, so fess up! What is your nerdiest moment ever?


erin/pinkerbell said...

LOL!!!!!! that was awesome, and now that we have high speed I could actually watch it!

Pagan Hooker said...


hehehe... that was too funny.

Nerdiest moment ever:

When Greg and I first started researching the whole home ownership/mortgage thing, we sat down with a mortgage broker to see where our credit stood.

He was going over our assets, and asking us about the normal stuff: cars, TV, computer, etc. Stuff that a normal person has that's worth a bunch of money. Our cars were junkers. Our TV was an older model that we had to jerry rig to use a VCR (not even a DVD player then) and we own a Frankenputer... it's been built up from free and second-hand parts over the years.

The mortgage broker asked if we had ANY assets over $1000. Greg and I looked at each other, looked back to him and I asked, "Do comic books count?" He asked how much our collection was worth. At the time, about $2000. And that's just what we could get if we had to dump them fast. He marked it as an asset. :-)

Emma said...

Nerdy Moment:

My husband and I have recently started playing German-style strategy board games with friends (wait--it gets nerdier!). So we went to the local game shop to see what kind of selection they had.

The owner, a SuperNerd, mentioned that every Monday night people came to the store and played games together. And for a moment, I actually considered it! (And I still kind of want to go some night, just to check it out).

That's pretty nerdy.

Sonja said...

I love Star Trek. I can boast to watching the first episode ever aired. It was in the late summer of 1966. I have been a devoted fan ever since. How's that for nerdy?