Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cooking, baking, and sewing -- OH MY!

So, I do more than knit. While I have been knitting everyday (despite the stoopid hot outside), I don't have much to show but progress on WIPs. WIP pictures have got to be the most boring thing to put on a blog, so I am showing what I did today BESIDES knit.

I made this little quilted books for Jess, Erin's daughter. She is turning 5 this week!

I made zucchini bread from my mother's recipe. MMMMM, this is a real recipe made back in the days before the low fat police spoiled all cook books. It is downright yummy. I am going to wrap several in my heirloom aluminum foil and take to S&B tonight.

And last but not least, turkey stock. The stock will be frozen and used for various soups and stews. The turkey breast will be cut up and turned into delicious turkey salad for lunch. The veggies will have spent all of their goodness into the stock and be tossed out.

So, that is my day. What are the rest of you up too?


GaiaGal said...

All i'm doing over here is sweating and knitting cotton dishcloths, because the wool just had to be put aside until the heat calms down!!


SalemRose said...

MMMM lots of yummy food! Ya know, I STILL want that recipe for that maple syrup turkey you made way back when!!!!