Saturday, July 29, 2006


I wanted to post these pictures a couple of days ago, but I needed to wash and block the sweater. It always takes a while for things I block to dry because I don't have a screen. I have to flip things over and wait for the other side to dry.

Here is my finished Bombshell from Big Girl Knits. It is made from Debbie Bliss Angora Cotton in rose. I am totally thrilled with the results. The yarn is soft and light, the color is lovely, and the fit is fan-freaking-tasic!

This picture shows off what Sly likes best about the sweater. It is rather flattering to the twins. Actually, I have a really heavy duty bra under there that helps a bit. Still, the sweater doesn't hide the girls. It allows them to be seen in the best possible context!

Because I totally have knitting ADD, I cast on the Irish Hiking Scarf from Hello Yarn before I finished Bombshell. I have a basket full of WIPs, and I have to go and start another one! I need therapy. The picture doesn't really do the cables justice. It is made in some of my sale/birthday Philosopher's Wool. Just two odd hanks of this totally fabulous lavender color, but at $4.20 per hank, I think I am getting off cheap.

It isn't like I don't have enough knitting to keep me busy, but new ideas just pop into my head. These are some cute little wallets I made up this afternoon. I was avoiding going outside to hang the wash on the clothesline. It is freaking HOT out there.

These are just the proto-types. I used my credit card as the guide to make these. In the future, they will have three pockets. I still need to add snaps to the flaps as well.

That is about it for now. Happy knitting!


GaiaGal said...

Oh! Fantastic!!

Your Bombshell looks amazing! Ya know, i'm not much into the pinks, but that color looks really nice on you.

LOL at your knitting ADD. I think it's perfectly normal to have a basket full of WIPs and to cast on something new...even though i only have two things going currently, maybe i should cast on a third, i'm feeling less than normal. :P

Ya know, it was probably a good thing to not take the laundry outside, it would have been a waste of energy because just as soon as you'd have gotten it all up on the line, the first items would have been dry and needed to come down!

It's hot as heck here too and Deb's Mom's house has NO A/C. None. Zero. Zip.

I'll be at the library Mon-Thursday while it's above 90!!


jennifer said...

ooooh like the wallets.
bad news tho we got REJECTED from DIY. they ay too many entries and not enough slots. blah blah blah. :(

Ann Otlewski said...

That sweater really looks very complimentary on you! You did a great job! I am always hesitant to knit clothing because somehow it never fits exactly right. I guess I don't have the whole gauge thing down... Ann O.