Saturday, July 22, 2006

So, where have I been?

Frankly folks, I haven't been doing much of anything. It is the summer, and I am out of work. The hazards of being a substitute teacher. I just don't have much to report.

I spend most days reading, knitting, and doing house work. I am a regular Suzy homemaker. Of course, being out of work makes me very short on cash, so there isn't much I can do.

The big business around here has been the clog in our kitchen sink. The clog led to the discovery of holes (not leaks, HOLES) in our rather old plumbing. My house was built in 1893. I have no idea how old the plumbing is, but it is old. The rust is the only thing holding it together.

Poor Sly! It was dirty, smelly, and nasty. The gunk in the drain was black, and it smelled as if something died down there. Fixing the pipe was no fun either. He has to go down into the basement (a brick lined hole in the ground) and crawl through a hole in the wall to work on the plumbing. It is a small crawl space with dirt, spiders, and octogenarian plumbing (I doubt my house was built with the indoor verity).

I have been knitting. I need dishcloths, and I made some for my sister as a house warming gift (15 total). I have been knitting baby hats (6) for the Harlot. My Bombshell sweater is nearly complete. I just have to finish the sleeve and neck trim (in seed stitch).

I did manage to make it to the LaPorte County Fair (the oldest county fair in the state of Indiana). Sly, being a city boy, has resisted going to fair over the years. I finally got him to go this year. I like looking at the animals and other exhibits. I promised Sly the animals would all be clean and pretty for fair, and they were. He still insisted that they smelled bad (I didn't notice). He liked the horses and the dairy cows seemed to impress him. I did get to visit the sheep. They have been sheared, so I didn't get to see all the potential sweaters. I also saw angora and cashmere (I mean rabbits and goats). There were a few knitted items entered, not much. Frankly, after seeing what won, I am going to enter next year.

I'll post pictures sometime this weekend. Tomorrow is Family Fun Day at my uncles house, so look for more on Sunday.

I also have a pattern to share; as soon as I figure out what the heck I wrote on the back of that napkin.

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Kristen said...

LOL, the animals smell fine, city boys... what about the stench of garbage that comes up from the sewers??? not any worse then the smell of cute piggies and cows.