Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Urban Farmer

I am writing the blog post from my backyard with my computer sitting on a bale of straw. I have arranged several bales of straw to form a makeshift chicken play pen. The chicken coop is built, but it doesn't have a run yet. It is time for my babies to eat grass and scratch dirt, so I made a makeshift play pen for them. They are young, and there are several stray cats in our neighborhood, so I am watching them and blogging.

I put in a full day at school today, supervised the school paper meeting after school, and went to the Feed and Seed store to buy straw. I had heard that straw is a cheap alternative to bags of mulch from the big box store. If you ever need to know how many bales of straw will fit in the back of a Jeep Liberty, the answer is six. Six bales of straw cost $30, and should mulch my garden area nice and deep. I spent $100 on garden mulch from the big box store last year, so I am feeling pretty good about the straw.

I should start getting deliveries from my veggie CSA next week. Eating local and supporting local farmers has become an very important issue for me. Knowing where my food comes from in this day of corporate, genetically modified food has a lot to do with why I have a garden and six baby chickens.

Maybe I am not an urban farmer yet, but I am trying!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yes, I am still alive!

Dear Poor Neglected Blog and anyone who might still care:

It has been a long time. Let's sum up.

Last June, I accepted a job closer to home at Barker Middle School in Michigan City. I love that my 100 mile commute has been cut down to 26 miles. Saves both gas and time. I am happy at BMS, and settling in nicely. There was the threat of layoffs last week, but I survived the cut. I am looking forward to next year. My teaching career so far has not been steady or stable, but I am starting to get settled.

On the home front, we have chickens on our little urban homestead. They are about a month old today and doing well. There six hens: one Rhode Island Red, 2 Red Sex Linked, and 3 Black Sex Linked. All are good brown egg layers. Building the coop has been tons of work, and we still need to instal the run so the chickens can safely be outside. Should be Wednesday this week.

I am installing a new garden bed next weekend, and looking into urban fruit trees. I joined a local CSA to supplement my garden production and give me enough food to can.

I even finished a few knitting and spinning projects!

I will try and have a real post with pictures latter this week.

Happy knitting,!