Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kitty Beds

Here are two little kitties at the LaPorte Co. Small Animal Shelter sleeping on their cat beds! The green one is clearly visible, but you need to look in the back to see the pink one the kitty on the right is half sleeping on.

I have made 7 so far and plan on making many more this weekend. Jen and Ann have also promised to help. I encourage all of you to make beds for your local shelter. The pattern is quick and easy. After making a few, it takes me around an hour to make a bed, and it can be done while watching TV! It is a great use of left over bits of acrylic yarn as well. All living things should have some place warm and soft to sleep. Just ask this guy!

He has a prototype pattern that I decided not to go with, but I still gave the bed to the shelter. The bias pattern is much easier and I think more practical. I have to make one for Mitters and adapt the pattern for Buddy the dog. They are very jealous of the time I spend with other animals at the shelter.


jennifer said...

you bring the red heart i will come

i love the kitties sleeping on them! maybe i should make simon one too. those pictures are so cute!

r. e. l. j. said...

that is such a sweet idea!

Pagan Hooker said...

Ooooohhh.... why do you have to show this kind of thing... The calico is so cute, it looks like my baby that died about 6 years ago. Unfortunately, Greg and the other cats would kill me for bringing another cat home. :-(


justcinful said...

It's so very nice that you are knitting for the kitties. I would be so tempted to take them all home with me. Hubby would have a fit though.