Friday, January 27, 2006

Homespund Shawl Hell

My mother requested a triangle shawl for her birthday, to keep her shoulders warm. So, it was Homespun shawl hell time. Let me qualify that, Lion Brand's Homespun comes in some great colors. They are really lovely. Since it is easy to find, and goes on sale pretty cheap regularly, it is a nice thing to have on hand to make gifts with. Heck, the stuff even wears well. There is just one problem. Homespun SPLITS like mad! I mean this stuff can barely stay together as a kind of slubby yarn. What it wants to do, and will do often, is fray. There is almost no twist. This stuff is no fun to work with. But, it does make a nice shawl. If you can stand it.

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GaiaGal said...

Oh, i so agree about Homespun!! Love it because it's easily found, locally, in a hurry if needed, really soft AND in tons of colors like you said...but if that little string that's wrapped around comes undone, fuggetaboutit! The last 2-3 feet of a skein is always waste. PUH!