Thursday, January 12, 2006

Finally Finished Fair Isle

Well, I finally found buttons for my Fairly Easy Fair Isle. The sweater pattern is in the Stitch n Bitch Nation book, and it is made from Lamb's Pride Bulky. It is a pretty easy to do up sweater. If you have never done fair isle, take your time on the yoke! I had to unknit several times. This was a learning item for me because I have never done fair isle. So, I am totally pleased with my results.

I gave up on the vintage buttons and bought some at JoAnn's. I figure I can always replace them letter. This sweater needs wearin'!

I wore the sweater to work sans the buttons the other day. I got lots of positive feedback, even from people who don't know me, or that I knit. The best compliment was from the clothing teacher. Did I mention I work in a high school?

Any way, hope you all like the results.


erin/pinkerbell said...

THis sweater is awesome. It looks even better in person. Great job Lesa.

Kristen said...

Goodness me that is a pretty sweater! I want to knit that sweater but that would require me to find my SNB nation book... :(

oh well

i love it.


GaiaGal said...

Oh, way to go!!

I'm dying to try Fair Isle but i wasn't thinking of starting off with something so ambitious, i was thinking about a hat or mittens or a baby sweater for goodness sakes...

...needless to say, this really proves your nuttiness! ;)