Monday, February 13, 2006

Update and New Bag

Isn't this the most AWESOME knitting bag ever!? Sly did this for me today on the reverse of the "Knit for Brains" bag that he did for me the other day. I had the concept, but Sly really had all the creative juices flowing with this design.

What I love most about this bag is that it is NOT something that I would ever find in a shop. I was *Goth* before *Goth* had a name, so this is totally a ME design. Takes me back to my days of wearing all black and sitting in the back of the class reading a paperback book. I related to Ally's character in The Breakfast Club. She was a "proto-Goth." Actually, I have gone to work in head to toe black velvet with bell sleeves in the past four weeks, so I may still be a bit of a Goth! ;) Too bad I have developed a rather serious allergy to make-up over the years. I do miss my black eye-liner and deep purple eyeshadow.

Here is another, more detailed, view.

There are plans for several more tee-shirt and bag designs, and we have been discussing prices for those interested in purchasing either.

As for my Knitting Olympics project, it is coming along very well. I am halfway up the back, which is more than I thought I would have done at this time. All is going well, and I am very pleased with the results.

Tomorrow, pics of eBay bargains! :)


erin/pinkerbell said...

GASP! (clutching my pearls in alarm) Just kidding that is one cool bag.

jennifer said...

holy crap the flaming skull i sso rad.
altho at first because my contacts were out i thought it was a fireball of yarn!

i love it!

Pagan Hooker said...

OMG!!!!! When you guys start selling them, lemme know! Greg would LOVE this!! I'm sure you can't tell by the "fine, upstanding citizen" facade he has today, but he was Goth-boy back in his day. Dark hair down to his ass, wore only black clothes, trenchcoat in the middle of summer, complete with fedora. Now he has a full-time job where he has to wear a tie, owns a house in the 'burbs and occasionally knits baby blankets for

Thanks for the giggle!


Pagan Hooker said...

Ooohh... and I forgot. Have you tried some of the organic make-ups out there. I don't usually wear any, but some friends ahe said they have no problems with itchiness wearing those. I know you can get them at Au Naturel marketplace in Valpo.