Sunday, February 05, 2006

New Sweater

So, I am sitting here dying, I mean literally DYING to work on my knitting Olympics sweater, but I can't. I have been working on the world's ugliest shawl for a couple of days (I'll post more on that latter), and it is so bad that I just had to do something else. So, I cast on this "Great Tunic" from 25 Gorgeous Sweaters for the Brand-New Knitter. I am doing it out of Lion Brand Wool-ease in Pine (black and green variegated). I really love it, and since I cast on yesterday morning, it is going pretty fast.

I just finished reading Knit One Kill Two by Maggie Sefton. Ann loaned me the book to read. It was the perfect thing to take to work to read during the down times (Subs get a lot of those)

The book is part of the knitting fad that has spilled over into woman's fiction. The plot is pretty predictable, but it is a good fun read for knitters. Kelly Flynn is a Washington D.C. accountant whose life is a dull routine. When her beloved aunt is killed, Kelly returns to her Colorado home to settle affairs. Of course, there are questions about the murder that need answers. As Kelly struggles to find her Aunt Helen's killer, she struggles to learn to knit. In the process, she makes friends and discovers what has been missing from her life. Coffee, rolls, and yarns run through out the story. At the end of the book there are two beginner patterns (for a scarf and a vest), and a recipe for cinnamon rolls. In general, a fun enjoyable read.

Sly is yelling at the TV. Superbowl Sunday is his Christmas. He is having a ball, but it is rather loud. Think I'll go and watch the commercials and work on my new sweater.

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erin/pinkerbell said...

oooo it's pretty. i had to hide my olympics project to curb temptation. so i now have a gazillion projects started, because nothing seems to hold my attention.