Wednesday, February 15, 2006

KO progress report and eBay deals

My Knitting Olympics project is going very well. Either I did a fantastic job modifying the pattern to make it easy, or I under estimated my ability to knit fast. The body of my cardi is completely done, and I started on the first sleeve last night! I can't believe that I have so much done. Now, I did have Monday and Tuesday off, so I had oodles of knitting time. I also put a lot of thought into this so the project wouldn't be too much for me to do in two weeks. I am using a chunky yarn, knitting in one piece, and focusing only on this sweater (rather than 6 0r 7 things at once). Granted, there are several WIPs that are not getting done, but this cardi is! I think I'll add to my challenge by finishing my "training" sweater, which was a sweater I started to see if I could get a significant amount of work done in a short time.

The challenge I gave myself was to finish a sweater in two weeks. I have made sweaters before, but I just don't finish in less than two months. The thing is, I want to knit EVERYTHING, so I get easily distracted by a pretty new pattern. I think it is the knitting equivalent of ADD. Anyway, here is a picture of what I have done.

I also wanted to share a butt load of new goodies from eBay. First, 5 balls of Galway Highland Heather color 719 (purple).

Next, 11 balls of Galway in a nice royal blue.

So, count them folks, 16 balls of Galway for $55! Oh yeah!

Here is some discontinued Lion Brand Imagine, in Cerise (French for Cherry). Imagine was discontinued a while back. It is a nice acrylic mohair blend.

The last picture I have is another vintage knitting tote. Cheap and cute, what more could you want?


GaiaGal said...

Wow, the sweater is really coming along nicely! I knew you could do it!! ;)

Nice Stash Enhancements!!


Pagan Hooker said...

I think crocheting causes ADD, too. Since I've started a few years ago, I am now completely unable to pass the yarn section in any store and not touch damned near every skein. And I keep buying yarn, hooks, patterns... especially patterns that I know I will never complete. I just bought a book on filet crochet... cuz I've never tried it. Maybe I have more of an addictive personality than previously thought!