Monday, October 02, 2006

Where the hell is my camera?

Just when I have pictures to post, I can't find my camera. Sigh, but I didn't want you all to think I have died or anything.

School and work keep me very busy. Right now, I am reading The Age of Innocence. What I should do is go out and rent that lovely movie with the fetching Daniel Day Louis. The book isn't bad, but I have read it before. It just isn't holding my interest this time around.

My back is much better, so I am back to running after students.

Since I can't find the camera to show you all the knitting I have been doing, I thought it would be fun to post a self portrait that my daughter drew. She is very talented.

It is a great representation of her. She'll kill me if she knows it is here, but I am a proud mom.

Happy knitting!


Punkin said...

Your daughter is beautiful and talented. Wow.
Nice to hear from you, sorry about your camera. Hope it turns up soon so we can see what you have been working on.

GaiaGal said...

I am always amazed by artists who can draw, paint, sketch, cartoon, etc. and do it WELL. Your daughter is clearly one of those people that i envy, so is my step-sister, Emily. Quite a gorgeous piece of art, both in subject and composition.

Thanks for sharing, even if she might one day drawy you with trolls feet!! LOL!!