Monday, October 09, 2006

Jumping on the Bandwagon

It seems everyone is doing Socktober Fest. Since I knit lots and lots of socks during the school year (they are so portable), I thought I would join in the celebration. Plus, those witchy socks on the button are too cute!

I would like to finish five pairs of socks during Socktober Fest. I have the first pair done (to be fair, I may have cast on for these socks on September 28th). I posted the WIP photo Saturday night, and here they are all spiffy and finished. They are the plain Jane socks knit with two circs and a short row heel. The yarn is Fortissima Colori (which now comes in 100 gr skeins). Sly, who hates bright colors, calls them the clown socks.

Please note how perfectly these socks MATCH! I have never tried to make socks before. Too much of a hassle, and the couple of times I did try, disaster. Also, I am sure my knitting mentor, Molly Weasley, would prefer the lovely uniqueness of matching mis-matched socks. For those of you who don't know, Molly Weasley is a character in the Harry Potter series who knits wonderful things. Well, these socks match, and I didn't even plan to do it! And before you ask, those are my legs.

These were my "knit-while-out-of-the-house" socks. So, the orangy pair (see Saturdays' post) that were my "knit-while-at-home" will become my "out" socks, and I'll cast on new "in" socks tonight. I did manage to finish the first orangy sock this past weekend, so I should have a second pair of socks to show-off this up coming weekend.

I'll post answers to the Socktober Fest questions in the next day or two. Happy knitting!


Punkin said...

Wow, it is amazing how well they match. Nice socks.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that the stripes matched when you posted the WIP photo. You're so good!!

My last pair of socks i managed to match pretty well too...i just had to try it!


jen said...

ooooh the matching job is too good to be true!