Monday, March 08, 2010

I am wasting time on Youtube

This is what I want!

I love the Garden Girl!

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Anonymous said...


You said;

"Thank you for the kind words. Ray's blog is just a time suck. He is a deceptive fool, and his groupies are blind puppets. I think there are more productive outlets for my time and energy. I am just not sure what that is right now."

~Any time Molly, it comes easily when one is uplifted by another's words.

Ray's blog is a moral and ethical blackhole, I agree absolutely. He and his puppets are only human in a genetic sense of the word. Their lives, simply winding down into oblivion with no significant(good) purpose or meaning. It's clear that they are all plainly wishing that they had even a petty clue what they're saying, let alone meaning.

There's got to be a more productive outlet. The problem lies in discernment of the facts from the fantasies. Perhaps that's why I'm so intrigued and preoccupied with philosophical contemplation. It allows me to feel as though I have a productive outlet, despite the possibility that I might not actually know what that is.

It's like if we look at life as an academic test, the philosophers are doing a good job of cheating on it and deriving ultimate meaning, just by considering it in the first place, while everybody else is struggling on the calculus and grammar portions of the test.

But then again, doubt is so healthy isn't it?

~Cheeriest of cheers.