Thursday, August 02, 2007

Yarn Diet

I have my list of the things I want to make before I purchase more yarn.

The List:


Blue and white snowflake design I thought up for some blue and cream Galway I have
Tweedy sweater from Jo Sharp I got super cheap (18 balls for $60)
Lavender raglan from more Galway I have

Hat, Scarves, and mittens (I am not selecting yarns for these items YET)

Mobeus scarf
Gnome hat
Knitting around mittens

Socks 10 pairs of whatever I feel like making at the time but I want to use these yarns

2 Lorna’s Laces
2 Thank Ewe
Urban gypsy
2 Knitpicks
White Willow
Sophie’s Toes
Sly Socks

One Lady E wrap in Noro Silk Garden and maybe a Pi R Square shawl in some lovely lace weight alpaca I have.

I did not get too many suggestions, so this list was compiled using Kayt's suggestion as a starting point. So, Kayt will get her pick of a book and yarn for her help. The book choices are: 25 Gorgeous Sweaters, Hip to Knit, or Little Box of Sweaters. We'll just have to root around in my sock yarn drawer for some sock yarn for her. Kayt, leave a comment with your color choices, and I'll find something nice. :)

There needs to be one exception to the yarn diet, I have ordered a large amount of Rowan Summer Tweed for a sweater from No Sheep for You. It would be really rude of me to order the yarn, and then not buy it.

I swear, I have some FO pictures to share. The wonderful Jen took some great photos last night at Stitch n Bitch. I will post the finished Grimace and Cozy shawl pics as soon as she sends them too me.

Happy Knitting!


Anonymous said...

You have quite a list! I have not thought about doing a yarn diet, but I realized I am sort of doing that too. I have yarn for a couple of sweaters, gloves, socks, and a shawl. I should not need to buy yarn for a while.

I was not able to post comments for a while, the idiosyncrasies of Blogger, and I am glad to be able to connect again.

I look forward to pictures of your projects. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Punkin at Needle to Needle

Scattered Gemini said...

Another yarn diet? Say it isn't so!

You should have that list knit up by the holidays, right? ;)

Kayt said...

ooooooooo we all know i have a love of greens...and blues :) as for book.. squeeee i love books... i am thinking little box of sweaters... but you look through and see what ones can easily be moded for us big girls. :)