Thursday, August 23, 2007


No photos or progress reports today. I am only knitting sporadically at the moment. School started this week, and that means lots of prep and planning for me. My job is remediation for students who struggle with Indiana's ISTEP test. I have a job because of No Child Left Behind (I still dislike the law, but you don't want to get me started on that).

I have been selecting the students who I think will get the most out of tutoring before the test starts at the end of September. It is great to work with small groups of students and offer them strategies that they can use to get higher scores. I also started a "Homework Help" program. Any student who sees me for tutoring can come to me during homeroom to get help finishing his homework. I am looking forward to this program!

If you have lived under a rock and don't know about the "No Child Left Behind" act, schools are required to test each student every year. If a student does not pass the test, the school must provide extra help to that student (my job). In addition, a schools over all test scores must get higher each year.

So, I am a busy girl at the moment, but I am happy to be back at work.

Happy Knitting!


Scattered Gemini said...

Try not too look at it as policy from the village idiot; rather, look at it as some positive time with an adult, for kids who may really need and appreciate it.

Purl said...

I have never met a teacher who liked NCLB, but I am glad these kids have a great teacher!