Friday, August 10, 2007

Vacation all I ever wanted

Yeah, I loved the Go-Go's back in the day.

We have returned from our all too short trip to Mackinac Michigan. Sly and I both agree, it is one of the best trips we have ever gone on in the RV. We are planning a much longer trip for next year.

The fun actually started during a pit stop for gas and food. We didn't have any real plans for a place to go. We both prefer diners to fast food, and we really like the out of the ordinary. Rosie's Diner was perfect. It was very vintage inside with lots of history and character. What was really cool was the old couple who came by for lunch. They used to eat at the diner all the time when it was in New Jersey back in the day!

This is the view from our campsite (Okay, we did cross the little street in front of the RV). Making the picture smaller has distorted how well we could actually see the Mackinac Bridge. We also had a fantastic view of the island.
The campground was really nice. We didn't spend much time there, but the view was great, the showers clean, and a convenient free shuttle to the island ferry.

Just me sitting outside the RV knitting and enjoying the view.

The ferry ride over to the island was really fun. It was a hydro jet, so there was a giant rooster tail of water coming out of the back of the boat. Yes, I am knitting in the photo.

Fort Mackinac is a state park with lots of cool historical re-enactments and exhibits. There are too many cool things to show ALL the photos we took, so I am just going to post the kniterly fun. I did want to share this photo of a young shopkeeper knitting to past the time. I actually showed her how to purl while we were there. Sly thought that was so strange.

Mackinac is the kind of place where there is a beautiful vista around every corner. I won't bore my dear readers with ALL the views (I am sure Sly to get a photo of them all), but I thought I would share a few really pretty vistas.

A word of warning to all of you with a sweet tooth, the economy on Mackinac is driven by FUDGE! The main shopping district has 17 fudge shops (all claiming to be number 1 and the original Mackinac fudge), and it seems that fudge is the number on souvenir from the island.

I have knitting to report on, but this is a long post. I do want to thank my Sockapalooza pal for the lovely socks. I will have a big post about Sockapalooza in a day or two. The fudge as slowed me down.

Happy Knitting!


jen said...

oh that's such a nice picture of you and sly!

you look like you had a nice vacation!

Kayt said...

what a great vacation!!!!!!!!! and i love th epic of you and sly! Also major kudos for teaching the shop keeper to purl! She now has all the tools to take over the world... At least i tell jack i plan to take the world over with knitting.

hippezippe said...

you surely had a great time :)
thanks for sharing those fotos and impressions - glad I am to not have a sweet tooth, yarn is far more dangerous for me than fudge ;)

Dear Molly, I am so relieved that my package arrived (and that you like the content)

love and a hug
from cologne/germany
martina hippezippe, your sockpal sockaloca :)

Scattered Gemini said...


Your pics are all fantastic. Looks like you guys had a really nice time!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the photos. I could almost imagine the breeze coming off the water. I especially liked the picture of you and Sly. It looks like you had a very nice vacation.