Saturday, July 28, 2007

Yarn Diet Give Away

I can't find my camera right now, so pictures of FOs will have to wait for a while.

I need to go on another yarn diet. Mostly a sock yarn diet (scary thought). I could knit about 75 pairs of socks without buying more sock yarn. I blame etsy. I love all the pretty, hand dyed yarns made in small batches by independent crafters and artist.

It isn't just sock yarn either. I have more than enough yarn to knit myself 20 sweaters. Considering what a big girl I am, that is a lot of yarn!

And don't get me started on the knitting books!

I am running out of places to put my stash. So, it is time for another yarn diet. What is your opinion, how many pairs of socks and how many sweaters should I knit before I am allowed to buy more yarn? Leave me a comment with your suggestions. Be honest. I'll dig up a few things to share with those who make suggestions (books and yarn).

Happy knitting!


Kayt said...

ok i am saying 3 sweaters (at the rate you knock them out :) ) and 10 pairs of socks. ok that is completly random. and you know i will always bend the rules for kewl sock yarn.. LOL!

Purl said...

I have the same problem with hand-dyed sock yarn! I told myself I have to knit 2 pair from stash before buying any more sock yarn. But I've managed to join several sock of the month clubs--it doesn't count, if the yarn won't arrive for a month, right? :)

So I'm going with 2 pair of socks and one sweater.

GigerVamp said...

hmm, tricky.

I think you should get at least one item made before buying yarn for another one. :)