Monday, July 09, 2007

St. Joesph Michigan

Sly and I took a little drive today, for no particular reason. This time we visited St. Joesph Michigan. Besides all the stunning views of Lake Michigan, there was a totally cute downtown area too.

I just loved this woman in the fountain. I like how the water drips around her and she has this look of contentment or sadness. I can't figure out which.

There were no LYS in St. Joe, but I did find this totally adorable quilt shop on the way. Behind the fence was the cutest garden.

Sly like the fireman's memorial. He took a crappy picture of it. Mine is so much nicer.

I also found Dumbledore. Can't wait for book 7 to come out. At least I have a movie to see this week.

I have been working away on Grimace (the purple Elizabeth Zimmerman sweater for fair). Other than lots and lots of purple wool, I have no other knitting to show off. I should get the second sleeve done tomorrow. I'll post a progress report this week.

Happy Knitting!

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Anonymous said...

I like the pictures. It gives me a little taste of a place I have never been - I don't get out much. Enjoy the movie.