Thursday, July 12, 2007

Grimace, belated birthday, and BANG BANG BANG

Let me start with the progress I have made on Grimace. I have the body done up until the underarm join, one sleeve, and a good start on the second sleeve. Actually, this photo was taken yesterday before I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I have about three inches to go on the second sleeve now.

The green ball of yarn is Manos De Uruguay for the yolk. I had spent several days trying to design a yolk pattern. However, I started thinking about the possibility of frogging, and the tremendous amount of weaving in ends. Since I want enter this sweater in the LaPorte County Fair (1 week and 2 days away), I thought a simpler yolk with a dressier yarn would have impact, but simplify the knitting process. Also, I had a reason to buy two hanks of a lovely yarn that I normally can't afford.

The gift card from my wonderful Stitch n Bitch pals came in handy when buying the yarn. It is more green than blue, and some of the blue bits are actually a lilac color. I think this yarn will have a huge impact in the finish sweater. Do you see those nicely wound center pull balls? I did them myself.

My birthday gift from Sly and the kids FINALLY came. This lovely swift and ball winder were on back order for a while, but they are safe with me now. I think this present is as nice as my clothesline. Jealous? :)

My roof has been covered with sweaty men for the past two days. Today, it wasn't even safe for me to leave my house. I am getting a new roof. It has been interesting because the 120 year old shake roof was under the two top layers. It actually seems to be in better shape than the newer layers. The workers are great, the get here about 7:30 am and leave around 7:00 pm. While I am happy with their work, the NOISE is starting to drive me a bit nutty. We have two more days to deal with. It is starting to rain now (no kidding), and I only have half a roof!

Hope your home is quieter than mine.

Happy knitting!


Pagan Hooker said...

I just bought an umbrella-type clothes line that was on sale at Menards. Of course, they were completely out (since it was on sale AND came with a $5 rebate!), so I have to wait until next week to pick it up.

Any chance you might stop by the campout? Greg and I are renewing our vows in a handfasting-like ceremony. Patricia is leading it. It's going to be gobs of fun!!!! There are rumors going around NIPA that you don't really exist!

A South Park Republican said...

The purple and the greenish/blue look great together! I can't wait to see a picture of the finished sweater.

Hot sweaty men doing manly stuff on the roof? Yum :)~