Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What else would Molly do while waiting for book 7?

Pattern: House Hats Wide Stripe Version from Charmed Knits
Yarn: Wool-ease in Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw colors
Needles: size 7 16 inch crics and DPNs

I finally got around to knitting a couple of house hats. They are cute and fun to make. In addition, I was distracted from Grimace for a while.

Happy knitting!


Scattered Gemini said...

We're re-reading all of the books. I'm on book 4 and Deb is on book 6. She's not distracted by knitting, blog reading, emailing and Ravelry.

Hey, we'll be home for campout July 19-22 any chance you can come and sit and knit a while?

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th to you too! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I have been thinking of you and hoping that you're having a nice summer.

Punkin at Needle to Needle

Gledwood said...

ooo you're talking about harry potter... molly i'm not too sure what i think about you now!!
you seemed such a cool person from your photo and your knitting but ... hooohh!!
sorry but harry potter i did attempt reading but... kkkhhhkkttkkkt (that is meant to indicate frustration)! cannot really abide them. perhaps it's bc they're MEANT to be so brilliant that i find they're not... then again i'm a sucker for big bestsellers i read the da vinci code (admittedly not realizing it was a "phenomenon") but was rivetted. but jk just don't do it for me!
and who am I?? i hear you cry
just dropped in at random!
I'm at
if you wanna drop by you're most welcome
see you soon hopefully
all the best 2u
"vol 2" ...

Anonymous said...

hello, fellow laportean! I found your blog-googling knittinginlaporte. anyway, jus tthought i would say hi...just when i thought there was noone else in laporte!

happy knitting!
heather :)