Friday, June 15, 2007

Erin's photo contest

Dorky Erin is having a contest. Here is my entry (so far).

A knitter (other than yourself) knitting in public

a sock (handknit or not)

a library card

a ball of green yarn

a street sign

a flower

a public work of art

My reflection in an unexpected place

someone in a catalog pose

a funny billboard or sign


erin/pinkerbell said...

oh you are sneaky.

jen said...

i really love the clean up after yer horse sign!
totally awesome!
and i love how the library card is in a bush!
very creative

Scattered Gemini said...

YAY!! Good pics so far. I'm getting ready to put mine up soon!

Carol said...

Nice pics!

wendy said...

I love your pictures...great in sneakiness too!