Monday, June 04, 2007

More computer woes

Due to excessive snow days this year, I am still working well into June. I am looking forward to the summer off. My yard is overgrown, my house needs good cleaning, and there are WIPs in my knitting basket.

I know you are sick of hearing about the failings of my antique computer. It is, sadly, down once more. The darn old thing keeps finding new ways to break down. For a computer, it is very old at 8. It won't actually turn on any more.

This fact leaves me using my son's very new, and Vista equipped, computer. My camera won't talk to Vista, so I am unable to share the promised WIP photos with you all.

Here is the boring to look at list of what I am doing now.

1. Charmed Knits hats (one in each of the Hogwarts house colors)
2. EZ yolk sweater (EZ Elizabeth Zimmermann)
3. Boobalicious from Big Girl Knits
4. Cotton Tots sweater for my niece
5. Socks

I hope that the boring "no photo" post will not last long! I really don't like my son's computer. BTW, Vista sucks (cancel or allow) ALLOW.

Happy Knitting (and Happy Computing)


Anonymous said...

Ugh, computer woes. I think my computer is 7 years old and when I turn it on I leave the room and do other things because it takes so long to load Windows and Office. I should feel fortunate that it is turning on. Can't wait to see the sweaters and socks.

Scattered Gemini said...

I'm very afraid of Vista. I figure i don't want it until it's been out at least two years. LOL!

Sorry about your PC woes. Yuk!

Purl said...

Ugh! I miss seeing you online, too. I worry about our computer. It's 7 years old and horribly slow. My husband keeps joking that he should take up knitting because it takes so long to start up.

We looked at computers over the weekend because he's starting grad school next month. When we realized we'd have to get Vista, we walked out of the store.