Friday, January 01, 2010

A New Years update

I really don't want to do a list of resolutions. In a week, I feel guilty for breaking one of them, and forget the rest of the year that I made them. I do, however, want to just recap what I have done this past year.

Actually, I have to say, that the past two years have been like one really long year. Starting in 2008, I began the Transition to Teaching program at Indiana University South Bend. The idea behind "T2T" is to help people who already have a Bachelor's degree to change careers and become teachers. It was an extremely intensive program that took up a great deal of my energy. Last year at this time, I had just finished a semester of working full time at Boston Middle School during the day as a Remediation Assistant while taking 10 credit hours at night. I was also getting ready to student teach.

Student teaching was an interesting experience, and I have already blogged about it, so I won't go into all that again. After earning my teaching license, I began my job search. Looking for work was challenging, but I was able to find a temporary position at Griffith Middle School. I am thankful for the chance to work with the students, and I am very sad that I will not get to spend the rest of the year with them.

In December, I started looking for work again, which is a difficult time for a teacher to look for work. I applied for several jobs, and I had lots of interviews, but none of those worked out for me. Then, out of the blue, I got a call from South Bend Community Schools. I had put in an application over the summer without getting a call. The interview went very well, and I was excited about working in the school, so I was thrilled when I was offered the job!

So, starting this year, I will be teaching high school English (several grade levels and classes) at the Bendix School in South Bend. I am pleased to be working in a district closer to home (GMS was an hour commute). I am hopeful that I will continue to work in South Bend.

What are my other plans for the New Year? Well, knitting has been put on hold for the past two years. I would really like to finish some projects that are bigger than hats. I got a new spinning wheel for Christmas, and I am already addicted to making my own yarns! A couple of years ago, I had a small garden, and I would like to have a garden again this year. Even though we sold the RV, I still have tons of camping equipment, and I hope to take several trips this year. DH got a Harely, and I hope the bike will feature in our summer plans.

Above all, I want to be safe, happy, and healthy. I wish the same for all of you.

Happy Knitting!

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much love to you and all your family
buddy and mittens included