Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year -- Knitter's resolutions

I was thinking about my resolutions for the New Year (I am great at thinking about them). I don't like to stick to the traditional "loose weight" and "get organized" kinds of resolutions. I prefer more specific resolutions "only eat one candy bar per week" and "set up a filing system for my bills" are past examples (the filing system works great, but I never stuck to the candy bar resolution). Honestly, I find the whole "New Year's Resolution" thing a bit arbitrary and silly, but it is nice to set a few achievable goals from time to time, the new year is just as good a time as any other.

Since this is a knitting blog, it seemed like a good idea to have knitting resolutions as well. I don't have "organize my stash" resolution. I did that last spring, and it is still working well for me.

My first knitter resolution for this year is to NOT accumulate so many WIPs. Just take a look at the stuff I stared in 2006 but didn't finish:

Cozy, Pie shawl,

Sweater for me, Sweater for Sly,

Sock, Sock,Sock,

Jo's bag, SMJ, mitten

As you can see, I collect WIPs. I do finish many, many projects, but there are always a few that I just never seem to want to work on for some reason. For the month of January, I vow to not start a new project until I have finished at least 3 WIPs. Hopefully, by the end of January, I will have finished all the projects I collected last year, but if I still have year old WIPs hanging around, I will extend this resolution into February.

Second, while I don't want to do another "yarn diet," I do need to start using the yarn I already have before I buy more. With that in mind, I would like to finish 4 projects before I buy new yarn. This resolution may have to last all year. I'll keep you posted. I can safely say that I should not buy new sock yarn until I have finished at least 6 pairs! I know, I know, the Harlot says that sock yarn doesn't count, but I have enough sock yarn for AT LEAST 30 pairs of socks! *My mother gave me $50 for Christmas, and if you all think I am going to spend it any place other than my LYS, you are crazy!

Third, I need to start using up my leftover bits of yarn. I thought that I would make hats for Dulaan. I would like to make 20 hats this year. Not all of them will be made with scrap yarn, but the scraps from my Giftmas knitting will get me stared on several new hats. *Dulann hats do not count towards the "no new projects" goal. It is for charity after all!

Fourth, to be a better knitting blogger. I want to post at least once a week in the coming new year (even if it is a quiz or meme).

What are your fiber resolutions?

Happy Knitting!


hookinmama said...

Oooh, that's going to be tough. More power to ya! Good luck keeping your knitty resolutions this year!

GaiaGal said...


I'm usually *pretty* good at finishing projects and my "stash" isn't all that big so, hmmm.

How about, i resolve to knit MORE! Heehee!!


A South Park Republican said...

I think my resolution is to knit more and to get over my fear of knitting from a chart. I'm not real good at keeping resolutions but these will be fun instead of "good for me" so there is hope I'll stick to 'em!

Kayt said...

You better get on that 4 project thing.... doesn't that new LYS open like late spring.... the one that you were telling us about in New Carlisle (i think).