Wednesday, January 24, 2007

FOs FOs!

Despite work and school (which is kind of a strange thought since I work at a school), I actually have finished a few things in the past week. The play off games helped a lot. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to do homework last Sunday, so I just sat on my butt and knitted while Sly yelled at the TV.

Before washing

And after

Pattern: Fiber Trends Felted Clog
Yarn: Paton's Classic Marino in Wedgwood and Chestnut
Needles: size 14 straight

When I read about the Harlot's felted clogs, I thought I need to make a pair. I loved hers so much, I made the same pair for my mom. I hope she likes them.

Pattern: Calorimetry
Yarn: every bit of 1 ball Noro Silk Garden #34 (I think)
Needles: size 8

My favorite thing about this pattern is the flattering way my hair falls out of the back.

If I make it again, I will cast on fewer stitches. It seems a bit too long, and maybe a bit too wide. However, I think it is beautiful, and Noro is a wonderful yarn choice.

I did wear it to work today, and it was very warm and snugly. Another great (but odd) feature, I wear a boiled wool pea coat, and my hats always hit the collar wonky. Calorimetry doesn't have that kind of an issue, so it was very comfortable to wear.

Pattern: Basic Roll Brim Hat
Yarn: Lamb's Pride, Wool of the Andes, Philosopher's wool, and a bunch of stuff I can't remember.
Needles: size 8 16 inch circs

I have completed 5 hats for Dulaan. That is 1/4 of my goal. Yeah me!

There is a lake effect snow event headed my way. Could mean more knitting time, could just mean that I trudge to work in snow. I can see the high school from my house, so I walk to work.

Happy Knitting!


Punkin said...

The felted clogs are great. I love the way the yarn looks when it is felted. Your calorimetry turned out great (beautiful hair by the way). I have been thinking about knitting it but did not know how hard it would be. Your hats are inspiring - the hats I knitted for the homeless at the Gospel Mission were well recieved and I think I will knit more. Her's hoping you get to do some knitting.

GaiaGal said...

My, my, what a busy little knitter bee you've been. Everything looks great!

I'm glad to know that your head will be warm while you are walking 10 miles- uphill- there AND back, on your way to school. LOL! ;)


Punkin said...

You have given me the best quote to put on my blog. Do I have your permission to post it in my blog? "Socks are like potato chips, you can't have just one pair." I love it! Of course you will get credit for saying it. Reading that made me chuckle.

jen said...

ooooh your calometry or whatever it is called is awesome!