Saturday, January 06, 2007

Books that ROCK!

I mentioned in a past meme that I was a Girl Scout for 7 years. In fact, I was a Girl Scout as long as the small town (pop. 1500) I lived in had a troop for me to join. I went from Brownie to Cadette (I think I stopped in the 8th grade). I am convinced that EVERYTHING I know I learned from being a Scout. I mean, the organization is based on crafts, cooking, first aid, and camping. Most of my adult life has been spent doing all those activities, often at the same time.

It was 1974 when I started Brownies. Former hippies ran the troop, and they made sure that I learned to macrame, tie-dye, and turn trash into useful items (I am thinking fondly of a yarn and six pack ring belt that I made and wore with the tie dye dress I made out of dad's old tee shirt).

One of the things I really loved about Scouts were the guide books. While I did use the Worlds to Explore book published in 1979, I mostly used the books published in the 60's. Even in 1980, when I was a Cadette, the only guide book available was the 1960's edition. I cherished those books, and they contain the seeds of everything I know. Unfortunately, my copies of the books were lost when we moved from Michigan to Florida.

eBay is a miracle. During a random search, I found all four 1960's Girl Scout guide books in perfect condition. Better yet, I won all four books for $10 including shipping!

There they are, the sum total of all my knowledge. The Holy Grail of crafting and camping. The heart and soul of flowering womanhood. My mentors, my past, my identity!

I know, I am waxing nostalgic and sappy. I am not given to cloying gushing, but I am beyond happy to have found these books once more. And, you would not believe the fiber surprises that I found!

I need to get started eating fudgecicles so that I can make this hand loom. I think I could do some great things with leftover bits of yarn and this cleaver contraption.

I remember asking my mother to make this sweater for me. She only knew how to crochet, not knit. I WILL be making a sweater using this chart as soon as I can go out and by lots of kelly green wool!

Mrs. Snake totally rocks! While there is nothing to do with the Girl Scouts in this picture, the binder is crammed full of knitting patterns, and she just gave it to me! How cool is that?

Okay, go buy some Girl Scout cookies and Knit On!


GaiaGal said...

Those are some glorious finds. Way to go! I swear, you always score such great items!


P.S. And not to be outdone, the word verification that i now have to submit, starts with "art". ROFL!!!

Punkin said...

I was a bluebird and Campfire Girl. We did similar things. I really enjoyed the crafts and the camping, hiking, backpacking, etc. That binder looks great! What a wonderful gift.

Kayt said...

OMG I love the sweater!!!!!!!! Also if you want me to we are popsicle eaters here I can save our sticks for you.

Jools said...

Hi Lesa, long time no see! what a cool find, i love ebay!

i'm going to be giving knitting another go, (i always knit too tight, drop stitches, or somehow manage to get more stitches than i cast on!) and try knitting a patchwork baby blanket. ;)

you can email me at gigervamp AT gmail for the news!


Pagan Hooker said...

I wish I was in your troup. We never did any hiking or camping. The last thing I remember before I quit was be given some green fabric and a pattern for a tote bag we were going to sew by hand. That's when I decided that God made a mistake and left some parts off me that would get me into the Boy Scouts (who were allowed to play with power tools!).

Great find, though. Congrats!