Monday, April 17, 2006

Stash, socks, and book

Isn't pretty? My stash, somewhat knit down, and now, it is totally organized. My mom gave me lots and lots of these plastic storage bins yesterday (I have about 10 more in the living room). I knew that I was going to have to clean up the mess that is my stash with them.

Not only did I store things away in these bins, but I also numbered each one. Then I created a spreadsheet in Excel that tells me EXACTLY what is in each bin. No more creating a huge mess to find that odd skein of Wool-ease, or the missing Lamb's Pride! I just check the spreadsheet (the computer is about five feet from my stash) and find what I have and where it is located. Easy peasy. Let's just hope I can stick to it!

I know I posted about my yarn binge a while back. Thought you might like to see what $40 will get you on eBay. All the new pretty sock yarns! Enough for 7 pairs of socks. I am pretty pleased with this deal.

This last picture is of a book I got over the weekend. I was never interested in paying $12.95 for Hip Knits, but when I saw it for $5.99, I picked it up. There are some sweaters I wouldn't mind making, but I am glad I didn't pay full price.

Well, that is all for now. Hope you all had a Hoppy Easter!


jen said...

man that purplely sock yarn in the front is pretty! what a good deal on the yarn AND the book!

i always feel good when i get a good deal.

SalemRose said...

Congrats on the stash organization! I'm sure you'll be able to stick with it! It always makes me feel good when everything is neat and tidy!

GaiaGal said...

An Excel spreadsheet for stash? I'm totally impressed!!

I never find good deals on yarn!! You rock!