Sunday, April 02, 2006

Knitting Book Review

I am catching up on all my knitting after my female and cold issues, so I have no new photos to show you today.

I did, however, want to discuss a new book full of knitting patterns. Classics Knits for Real Woman
is a new book from a couple of Rowan designers. The fact that the authors normally design for Rowan should be a hint about this book.

First, the patterns in this book are BORING! They are plain, drab, and frumpy. "Classic knits" do not have to look like something a church lady would wear. Rather, I was hoping for simple, tailored styles with a bit more sophistication, rather than a collection of drab sweaters that I could knit up without a pattern.

Second issue I have with this book, each sweater is made with $300 of yarn. Now, I know how to substitute yarns. I do it all the time, but not every kniter out there is comfortable with making adjustments to patterns.

Third, and the biggest issue I have, the "sizes" in this book are 36 - 46! While some of the sweaters are designed to have a *relaxed* fit, with finished measurements of 50 inches, these styles are not for *plus size* woman. That lovely drape in the picture will not be there on a woman with a 50 inch chest since the pattern was a relaxed 46! Simply put, yes, you may find something to fit you in this book, but your fit will be different than the photo, and frankly, while it may fit your body, it won't suit your figure. In addition, a 50 inch chest only accommodate a 2x (and not well). There is NOTHING in this book for a 3x or higher!

I was totally disappointed with this book. I am eagerly waiting for Big Girl Knits to come out. I believe that book will address these issues.

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GaiaGal said...

Have you ever clicked any of the blog button links on my blog? The One for "Isis" aka "Felicia in CO"...she often writes the same gripes about patterns and books, you two might really hit it off. LOL!!

Hope your cold heads off soon, what a drag!!