Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Stitch n Bitch Party

I'll start this post with some new FOs. Scarves, scarves, scarves! I have been a scarf knitting fool (as opposed to the regular fool that I normally am!). The blue one is for my mother and is made from Lion Brand Watercolors. It is a basic drop stitch scarf. I think it turn out totally fab.

The brown roll is "That 70's scarf" for my sister. It is made with Red Heart Tweed from my stash. It has flecks of orange and blue and reminds me of the 70s. It is 6 and half feet long, but I bet she says it is too short.

The black and purple is for me cuz I was freezing my butt off walking too work (wouldn't it be nice to REALLY freeze your butt off?) It is made from scraps of Chenille Thick and Quick. The purple was from Tara, thanks Tara!

Here is the vintage kitty bag I bought from Jen's store (see links). I just love it. It is REAL vintage fabric. Her grandfather quilted back in the day, and the fabric is from his stash. So it is extra special nice!

Now, for the party. As you can see, I got a nice haul of gifts, which is always very nice. But the best part was everyone sitting around, talking, knitting, and eating. Thanks for coming guys!


carma said...

Oooooo you got an orange Chibi.


So excited you decided to join blogland (I'm riding on Erin's shirtails through blogland...)

Ann said...

Hi, Lesa! I'm so happy to have another knitting blog to read! Thanks again for having us over to your house and have a great Holiday! Ann