Sunday, December 18, 2005


Actually, I just want to play around with posting photos of stuff. I'll start with my very ineffective storage of my stash.

Like all knitters, I buy yarn for no reason. Like Everest, it is there, so I buy it. Often I buy out entire clearence bins at Hobby Lobby (the Hobby Lobby I go too sells the clearance yarn for less then a buck).

All this yarn buying has led to a bit of a problem, I may have more yarn than I will be able to use for the next two years! That wouldn't be so bad, but I keep buying more. And people give me the stuff too! My sister gave me 20 clearance balls of yarn for my birthday. So, not only do I buy this stuff dirt cheap, people buy it dirt cheap for me.

This first pic is of the dresser. That old thing was in my kids room when they were little. It is now filled with yarn. Lots of yarn. As you can see, there are also inefficent storage units on top of the dresser. Very bad. I really don't even know what all is in there any more.

The clear bin holds a great deal of Lion Brand Boucle (that my sis bought), and loads of Wool-ease bought on sale. One blue box holds baby yarn used to make baby hats, and the other is holding the "Molly Weasly Afghan." (see my web page for more on that!)

This last little bit is a laundry hamper. That is full of Red Heart that I pick up at yard sales. Lots of people buy more yarn then they need, then they sell boxes of left over (often full skeins) yarn at yards sales cheap. I have paid less than $5 for about 8 skeins. It is a great way to get yarn.

Well, I guess that is all the time I have for how I come by my stash of cheap yarn. I really need to get knitting because this stash is not getting any smaller all by itself!

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