Thursday, December 22, 2005

Kittens, trees, SOS, and MJs

Kittens are really cute. They are small, furry, and make a pleasant sound when held. Sorta like a tribble (if you know what that means, then you know I am a nerd).

Kittens are not so cute when they try to live in your Christmas tree and EAT the plastic apples on it!

She looks so unconcerned. We are forcing her to watch Christmas Vacation so she can learn what happens to kitties when they mess with the Christmas tree!

On to FOs! I have been knitting feverishly for the past three days. I am working on SOS slippers from the Socks Socks Socks book. If you don't know, SOS means special occasion slippers. They work up fast for last minute gifts.

I also finished my first "Sweet Mary Jane" by Erin

Clearly, I need to make a second. It is hard for me to tell if the slipper is good. I made it for my sister, and to be honest, she has big feet! But, the MJ seems to be fine.

The green SOS slippers are made from Wool-ease. The striped pair is from a left over ball of Jiffy. The chunky blue pair is from Kool Wool, and the Mary Jane is from Lion Wool. Didn't mean for there to be so much Lion Brand under the tree, but these were odd bits from my stash.

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