Monday, May 10, 2010

Big Ass Update

The school year is winding down, and my next job search is winding up. This means I have been very busy. I am sorry for the delay in posting. I also do not really have the time for a video this week, but there are tons of photos.

First, some knitting. I haven't finished many projects in the past few weeks, so getting this beret done for Michelle was a victory.

She wears slouchy berets all the time to hid the fact that she hasn't done anything with her hair. As an art major, she has become very interested in DIY clothes, so mom's knitting adds to her street cred as an artist. I am just happy she appreciates hand knit items.

We have had two frost advisories this weekend. I covered the two raised beds, and it looks like everything made except for one pea plant (I think that wasn't long for this world before the frost).

This is my little blueberry plant. Can you see the little berries peeking out from under the leaves?

I call this the little tomato plant that can. I thought I killed it trying to get it in the bag planter thing that you see in all the stores. I just took a "wait and see" attitude about the plant. Well, it has found a way to thrive despite my manhandling. I am very pleased.

Lastly, my first ripe thing. A tiny little strawberry! See its little cousins?

So, my "urban homestead" is coming along. Clearly, there is a learning curve, but I am satisfied that I will actually eat some fruits and vegetables from my own land and hard work. It is a satisfying feeling.

Happy knitting!

PS: I finally posted a picture for this recipe!


Emerald said...

How wonderful to see all of your goodies coming up! All those beautiful fruits and veggies, you are going to have one awesome feast all summer/fall long! Are you going to do any canning of all the extra you are bound to have? YAY for you and yours. WTG!

Froggie said...

Hi Molly!

On perusing your site, you are doing a lot of the things that I was doing when my kids were young, and still at home (except for the 'nittin.) Enen Mrs Froggie didn't do too much of that stuff as we were too busy fishin and roaming the hills up here. She's a carpenter and electrician by trade.

Kudos to your informed comments over at "the Swamp." :)

If you ever have an extra moment, stop by at SMRT and say hi!

Take care and good growin!