Friday, April 24, 2009


I have finished (finally) student teaching. While the job outlook is a bit grim, I am working my connections (it is nice to have a few). Right now, I am just happy to be done with all the classes, and teaching in someone's classroom (very hard to be a guest in someone's room after having my own, however small it may have been). I am going to start knitting Hey Teach to reward myself (and give me something professional and hand knit to wear).

Happy Knitting!

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punkin said...

Yay! Strike up the band!! Lets hear some fanfare! Woohooo.

Congratulations. Your hard work and perseverence is an inspiration. May you reap an abundance of blessing in return for all the hard work and sacrifice.

I have been wanting to knit Hey Teach, too. I have been looking for just the right yarn. I think I would like to try a smaller gauge yarn so that it would be lighter weight. I dunno.

I am so happy for you. I know it wasn't easy to achieve your goals, but you battled through and came out the other side.