Sunday, April 05, 2009

Student Teaching update and Martha Stewart Nerdiness

The new placement is going well. I like the new teacher, and she is so much easier to work with. I am on Spring Break this week, and then I have two more weeks to go. I am very happy that I am almost done. I can't wait to start looking for work.

In the meantime, I found some knitting related goodness over on Martha Stewart's web page. I want to make one of these (be sure to click the photo for a totally nerdy video with Mo Rocca that will give any knitter a nerdy crush on him). I also want to make a few of these for fun. I saw this, but to be honest, I just poke a hole in the lid of an old coffee can. It is a great way to keep yarn free from dirt when camping. I never thought of Martha as a knitter, but there is some fibery goodness for the knitters on her page. It'll keep me busy during my week off.

It is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. Some Spring Break.

Happy Knitting!


punkin said...

I am glad that your new placement is going well.

I remember when you still had another year to go, and now that time is almost over!

Thanks for the comments on my cardigan. It is soft and comfy to wear, which was my ultimate goal. I was hoping it would replace my over-sized, faded sweatshirt that I wear almost every day when I am working at home. I still cannot give up my sweatshirt.

AnneMarie said...

Hi Molly - - I found your blog (and Toasty fingerless Mitts, thank you very much!) and was almost as interested in your student teacher issue as your knitting. WHY do bad teachers [well, exist and keep their jobs] take on student teachers? Thanks for having the guts to report him, even at the risk of your professional career. I work in a Teacher Ed department (I teach the ed tech course as an adjunct along with a grant-funded staff job) and have heard a few horror stories of 'how NOT to teach.'