Thursday, April 12, 2007

What a night!

Believe me, when you are coming home from a light night class, this is so NOT what you want to find on your doorstep!

While the picture is a bit dark, the careful observer may be able to see the police car sitting in the middle of the intersection in front of my house. The bright lights off in the distance in the middle of the shot are the FIRETRUCKS. Yes, dear reader, I came home from class to find my neighborhood full of smoke, police cars and fire trucks in my yard, and a fire hose snaking around the block. Needless to say, I was in a bit of a panic until I realized the whole mess was for the ceramics workshop three doors down! Since no one lives in the building, no one was hurt.

There is nothing like walking the dog while the gentle mist of the fire hose brushes across exposed skin on a frigid night. The rattle and rumble of heavy equipment is an unexpectedly sweet lullaby. The primal glow of the burning building was the communal fire, drawing neighbors and gawkers alike to stand on my lawn.

The Red Cross Hummer was cool. It parked in MY parking space! I guess the Red Cross Hummer can park any where it damn well pleases!

My house smells like smoke, and there is still a lot of commotion going on out there. I think I'll go knit now to sooth my nearves!

Happy Knitting!


Scattered Gemini said...

Whoa! That would be totally freaky to come home to! Glad no one was hurt.

Are smoked ceramics a big thing in La Porte?

jen said...

*whew* thank god y'all are ok!

Elizabeth said...

OMG! This would have freaked me out completely. So glad you and your yarn are safe. :) Thanks for dropping by my blog and see you at the Charmed Knits KAL!

Anonymous said...

I like EZ's Knitting Withought Tears, too. I like the way her system frees me to do my own thinking instead of being tied to a pattern. It sounds like you have been doing some knitting. I look forward to seeing the sweater you are working on.
Punkin at Needle to Needle