Thursday, April 05, 2007

Stash give away

My stash is ginormous, humongous, it is about to take over the whole house. I must get rid of some of my yarn. Good news for all of you, if you see anything you want, just paypal me the shipping, and it is all yours! If you plan on making something for charity (see LaPorte Co. Small Animal Shelter Cat Beds!), I'll take $2 off the shipping. Just leave a comment telling me what you want, and I will contact you by e-mail for details. Please, don't leave your address or phone number in the comments.

I'll warn you now, if you don't like acrylic, don't look. I am making room for wool, so acrylic has to go.

EDIT: the Lion Brand Homespun and the pink Fashion Knits has been claimed!

Second EDIT: Purple Fashion Knits, blue and purple Caron Wintuk and much of the baby yarn have been claimed.

Thrid EDIT: All GONE! Thank you to all who helped me clean out my stash.


SalemRose said...

Holy Knitting, Batman! I'd love to snag up some of that homespun!!! You know how I LOVE LOVE LOVE that stuff! ;)

Anonymous said...

I have been watching the weather report for your part of the country. Is it letting up yet?! Winter storms in April?? Hope you get spring soon.
Punkin in Oregon