Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My computer is speaking to my camera again!

I should just give you all fair warning now, there are tons of pictures of what I have been up to while my computer was sick!

Woo hoo! My computer is talking to my printer as well as making sounds (the sound card was out too). It took several hours (like 10) to delete everything, reinstall everything (and find updated drivers for stuff), and then put a fence around everything. It was a major over haul that I should have done years ago. It is done now, and I am happy to actually have knitting photos to share.

Pattern: Afghans for Afghans Child's Vest (I used the book Knitting for Peace, but you can find the pattern here)
Yarn: Lamb's Pride WW
Needles: size 7

While watching my computer during the overhaul, I worked on a vest for charity. This is an Afghans for Afghans pattern, but right now, I am still working on my Dulaan goal. The vest is going to Mongolia. My next charity knitting will be AA. The pattern is quick and easy. It is a nifty side to side knit in one piece pattern. So, it was just right for the mindless knitting I was doing yesterday.

Pattern: A DK in the round starting from the inside out pattern that I made up
Yarn: left over Paton's Classic Marino from felted clogs
Needles: I forgot, but most likely size 7 or 8 16 inch circs

Don't I look dumb in a child's hat? I was playing around with the idea of a double knit hat for Dulaan. The yarn pooled and came out with this funky stripe pattern. I actually like the stripes. Basically, it is an easy, warm-ass hat perfect for charity knitting.

Pattern: Coronet
Yarn: Lamb's Pride
Needles: Um, 9?

Great hat! Love the pattern. I made this one for Dulaan, but I think I need to make one for me now.

Pattern: Basic Cable Hat from Stitch N Bitch Nation
Yarn: Philosopher's Wool (I have a lot of this due to an awesome sale at my LYS)
Needles: Size 8 16 inch circs

Cables are awesome. Huge impact, minimal effort. Really, people think you just slave away making cables. It'll just be our little secret how easy they really are. SnBN is really becoming my "go to" knitting pattern book. I didn't think I would make many of the patterns, but I use this book a lot!

Pattern: Fetching
Yarn: Noro
Needles: Size 7 DPNs

Why did I make two pairs? Well, Noro has this strange way of making two items from the same ball look totally different. So, I used two balls of the same color and mixed and matched. Now, the pairs LOOK like they came from the same ball, even though they didn't.

Just look at all my Etsy swag! I do some really damage to my checking account on Etsy. But, just look at all the wonderful hand dyed yarns? Isn't it grand? I shouldn't admit this, but I have quite a lot more coming in the mail as we speak. So, to find these lovely yarns, check here, here, here, and here. Support hand crafters!

Happy knitting!


Lisa said...

Glad to see you back online! And happy to hear your technical problems have been resolved.

tammy said...

Those hats are beautiful. I like your idea of knitting two pairs of Fetching make the Noro match out. Very smart!

If you're interested, I'm having a contest for Dulaan knitters over at my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad the computer is back in the pink. I remember you said you have been doing a lot of knitting and you weren't kiddin'. Oh - the comment about having a left handed continental knitter knitting the sock inside out....I hadn't thought of things like that happening. Hmmm.
Punkin at Needle to Needle

Mary G said...

Thanks for sharing your Dulaan projects -- they're great! Your goal of 20 is wonderful but makes me feel like a sluggard but I should be posting in the next few days with my meager 5.

Happy knitting!