Wednesday, December 13, 2006

That last second scarf pattern we all need

Here is the perfect thing to knit up at the last second when you need a gift. This can be knitted in the car on the drive to grandma's house. It is a one-skein-less-than-five-hours kind of pattern that we all need. I suggest using the nicest bulky weight yarn you can. I used Misti-Alpaca Chunky so this is very soft and warm.

1 100 gr ball, hank, or skein of luxury bulky weight yarn (if you have more time or want a longer scarf, you can use two)
size 13 needles

Finished Measurements
About 6'x45'

CO 17

Row 1 K1 P1 across row
Row 2 K

Repeat rows one and two until you run out of yarn.

End with Row 1 BO


jen said...

wow now i know what to do with that ONE skein of bulky misti alpaca i've been hoarding since last march!
i could only afford ONE skein and then didn't think man what the heck can i make with it! thanks!w

Anonymous said...
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