Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Blooming Socks

While I generally frown on blogs that post every nano-meter of progress on knitted objects, I wanted to share some of the blooms in my yard. Since this is a knitting blog, I thought I would place the socks I am working on with the flowers to demonstrate how they have grown in the past couple of days. These are my second Griffindor Stripe sock and my Sockotta sock. I think they look beautiful with my rhododendron.

Every year, my back yard is a riot of roses. It smells so wonderful right now.

One single beauty all by herself. While the bush is burden with blooms, they are each lovely on their own.

My red bush blooms a bit latter than the pink, but there is a single rose to admire right now.

We also got down to getting our RV ready for the season. It should have been done a week or so ago, but we have been lazy. I plan to take it up to the Michigan Fiber Festival this August!

My Stitch n Bitch group will be going along with me, we should be very cozy!


Emma said...

That looks like so much fun! A trip with the knitters to the fiber festival in the RV. Man, I wish I oculd go!

SalemRose said...

WooHoo! Road Trip! To a fiber fest! I am so excited! We are gonna have a blast and a half!

jen said...

your roses look amazing!

GaiaGal said...

Dang, it's like a freakin' hotel!!

Kat's probably going to the MI Fest too, you all should find out if bloggers are meeting at any specific time/location. I managed to miss the bloggers who met at MDS&W...i was bummed out!!