Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hey, I am here!

Thought I would do a short post to let you all know that I am alive and well. I have been working a lot the past few days, and I have even been doing real teaching! I will be with the same students for a whole week this week. It is very exciting. The Lit 10 class is reading Julius Caesar, which is great for a Shakespeare nut like me.

I am knitting. I have decided to do Jen's trademark "Mother's Day Dishcloth Blitz." I got started this Saturday, and I already have 6 done. The 7th is coming along well.

Well, I have to actually PLAN A LESSON! Can you tell I am happy about this week? See ya all soon.

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GaiaGal said...

Julius Caesar, wow, now that brings bac some memories...good ole Englich class at LC and avoiding the Shakespeare class at DePaul by taking the class on Dickens. 10 weeks of Dickens. With a Prof. who was a drill sargeant of a teacher. 10 Dickens works plus one for our project...in 10 weeks. What the hell was i thinking?!!!!!!! I dropped that class after week 2!!! I still might need some therapy though.