Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lots and lots of photos of stupid stuff

Today's photo-plooza will begin with my dog sleeping. I really don't know why he sleeps this way. Guess he wants the world to know he's a man. But, there is my sweet, and rather stupid, dog Buddy. He is a cutie pie.

Next up, a really stupid picture of my son, Tony. Hard to believe he is all grown up and off to Ball State in the fall. He got his acceptance letter last week, so now he seems to think it is okay to loose his ever-lovein' mind. He really is a great kid, just goofy as hell.

Not to be out done by her little brother, Michelle is making stupid faces for your viewing enjoyment. Now, this is a fine example of a real-live, hard-working adult here! What a ding dong.
So, here is how I spend most of my time. Sitting on my comfy sofa knitting something or other.

There you are folks, 5, count 'em, FIVE hats for the Dulaan project. All 100% wool. All made with bits of scraps that I was saving in my stash for goodness only knows what. While a couple of these hats are sorta ugly, I think several are actually pretty nice. Also, since they are all wool, they will keep some little child very warm. You may recongnise several balls of Noro in there. I finally know what to do with all those little balls left over after making Sweet Mary Janes.

Here are Sly's new Wool-ease Sport weight socks. I am really disappointed to here that Lion Brand has made the rather stupid mistake of discontinuing this great product. One ball will produce several very nice pairs of socks. I am sure they need to get rid of all their useful products to make room for more sucky Fun Fur lines.

Last photo, a lovely, old pine armoire that my mother gave me. Isn't just fantastic? It is very useful too. One side is for hanging clothes, the other has shelves. Actually, both sides have hanging rods, and the shelves seem to be a newer addition to the piece. I am sure this was a wardrobe for someone way back when houses didn't have closets.

Anyway, I am going to work up a couple more coffee cup cozies just to make sure I understand my notes. I'll post the pattern in a day or two.


GaiaGal said...

Maybe you should take it as a compliment that Buddy sleeps like that...he's VERY comfortable in his home!

I'm so glad to see that i'm not the only one who will take silly pics that are bound to make it onto a blog. LOL!! I loved Ball State!!

I like the green hat!! It's way cool!!


erin/pinkerbell said...

no i have not seen the mugged by squirrels commercial. Now I really want to. Squirrel gang! now there's something

SalemRose said...

I bet you've even figured out how to knit and sleep.....!!! ;)

jen said...

BUDDY! Man i love buddy, he's the perfect awsome dog. I also love the goofy pictures of the family!