Wednesday, March 01, 2006


So, I am sitting here trying to dream up all sorts of wonderful things to knit while I am on my Yarn Diet (I NEED to buy yarn), and I just don't know what to do next. 20 things is a lot of knitting. So, I thought it would be fun to have a little "Pick Lesa's Next Project" contest. The winner will get a knitter's goody bag (with a tape measure, care labels, very cool lint paper, and a ball of yarn plus anything else I can think of).

Basically, I want you all to inspire me to create something wonderful.


1. I will not buy new yarn to make anything. My stash is huge, and I have more than enough for sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens, and socks. But, any pattern that uses special or novelty yarn may be out of the running before I start. Worsted, DK, Bulky, and sock yarns are all in my stash in ample supply, so yarn weight is too much of an issue.

2. While I'll consider buying a book, any patterns in books are subject to availability. Please feel free to suggest things in books, but something really wonderful that I don't have access to may hurt your chances of winning. Same goes for magazines, but I do have YEARS worth of Family Circle Easy Knitting, most of the Creative Knitting, Knit It, and Knit1 if you would like to suggest something from these, you should be fine.

3. I would really like to see something new, different, or just plain strange. The out of the ordinary will appeal to me.

4. I am a plus size woman, so patterns in smaller sizes my get over looked if my daughter doesn't like them.

5. You may enter as often as you wish. Please make all suggestions as comments. Please, check to make sure that your suggestions has not been submitted. In the case of double submissions of the same pattern, the first poster will win.

6. I will pick the winner on March 10, 2006.

7. It is possible that a 2nd and 3rd place winners could be added if there are lots of things I want to make.

Good Luck, I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Tomorrow I should be done with the icky sweet sweater I designed for my niece. It'll give you all a toothache!


GaiaGal said...

Oh! So much to think about...i'll get back to you!!


Pagan Hooker said...

There is a book called Nursery Rhyme Knits> that Greg has somewhere in our post-move house that has an absolutely gorgeous afghan that has a traditional lullaby knitted in it. It's interesting, looks challenging, and would be a beautiful gift for a small child or baby. Hell, I personally want it for myself. If I can ever find the book, I'm thinking of forcing greg to make it as part of his adoption prayer (read: spell) work.

Good luck!


Pagan Hooker said...

Oh... not trying to tempt you or anything... but Michael's has some Modea fashion yarns on sale for 2 for $5. I wanted to buy them all, but I can't think of a single thing to use them for!!! I decided I was going to make a poncho for a friend's daughter (and later myself if it works out okay) and use some of it as trim. THEN.... I realized that I could have made a cute poncho for my niece out of one of the types... AFTER I had already left and was back on the expressway!!!! Grrrr..

GaiaGal said...

Ok, i found it! Here's my submission:

I think it's neat!!


Michelle D. said...

Hi! Saw your contest on HPKnitting. So - Here's my idea - Harry Potter Golf club covers. You can use this as a basic pattern:

Only, each cover is knit to look like a different character.

I'm thinking Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid? Harry, Hagrid, Dumbledore, McGonnegal? I did something similar in crochet - all fairytales - Dragon, Unicorn, Princess, Knight. The nice part is that you can use up a lot of scrap yarn - go to town making them as simple or involved as you like. If I can figure out how to post pictures of mine, I'll upload.
Hope I win!!!

Theresa said...

I saw your contest on HPKnitting as well.

I just wanted to suggest what I'm currently working on.
Mr. Dangly :

The beauty of it is that it doesn't take up all that much yarn and you can make it any color you want. (scarlet and gold?) Or you can knit accessories. I was going to make a Gryffindor scarf for my Mr. Dangly. Go! Go! Gryffindor! :o)

justcinful said...

How about a Panta? They can be made with any color yarn in any content. Perfect for stash busting since they can use up small amounts of yarn.

Or a Circular Shrug? Can be adjusted to any size.

If you're looking for HP knits, how about a HiP and Silky?

Of course, for the Unity Scarf we'll have to wait for someone to come out witht he correct stripe sequence on the HP Knit list. :)

Sarah said...

In keeping with the Harry Potter theme, I have a suggestion. Have you considered Frolicking Shamrocks? It is a neat pair of socks that have beaded shamrocks from Jackie E-S. Currently, there is a knitalong for these over on the forums at The Knitting Zone. These can be your Quidditch World Cup Socks! Besides, St. Patty's Day is just around the corner.

newfie said...

as a plus sized gal myself, i have a suggestion for the yarn harlot's poncho.. ..this was 1st posted to her site when she was on her way to newfoundland for a trip(& that's where i live) make it as big or small as you need and you can use any yarn/colour you the variety is limitless and it will use up bunches of 2nd suggestion is a dr who scarf ...

trek said...

May I suggest The Big Snuggly?

This is a great stash-busting pattern and the colors and textures are all up to you and it is a quick, easy knit that looks just gorgeous when you are done!