Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dinner tonight

Tonight, we are having eggplant for dinner. Not just any eggplant either. I picked the eggplant, tomatoes, and fresh herbs just a few moments ago. I bought beautiful, fresh cheeses yesterday for tonight's dinner. I can not wait to start cooking and eating!

Added later

I just had to share a pic of the final meal made with my produce. It was the freshest, most delicious meal I have ever had. I got a lot of satisfaction from knowing that the produce was all organic and the result of my own effort.

The meal preparation was labor intensive; however, the simple steps were a good reason to take this meal slow and easy. I enjoyed the process almost as much as the meal.

Happy Knitting!


Ricky said...
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SalemRose said...

That looks amazing!!! You are so the talented Kitchen Witch!!! And much much more!!!