Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Very Harlot Poncho

Pattern: A Very Harlot Poncho
Yarn: Rio De La Plata Yarns Wool Multi
Needles: size 11

I made this because I found a yummy yarn on sale. The orange and black yarn matches the school colors for LPHS. All the schools in the district like to support the high school football team by wearing Slicer colors. So, in addition to Halloween in about a week, I really could use a shot of orange and black to my wardrobe.

I am not adding fringe, as I am not the fringe type. I am pleased with the final poncho, and I think I should get some use out of it. I have never been a fan of ponchos, I don't think they are flattering to a big girl like me, but the bias cut of this isn't half bad.

Happy Knitting!


jen said...

awww BUDDY!!!

it turned out lovely. how many skeins did you use? i'm tempted to pick up 2 of the one color i liked. Altho 9$ is still steep.
but that yarn is waaaay soft.

Kayt said...

very pretty!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah and maggie says "hi buddy" ok so i had to tell her buddy's name.. lol! I just stopped over to look at the recipe i am cooking as we speak.

Anonymous said...

It looks great. I like the way the colors look with your design. I am not a fringe fan either. I think your poncho looks fab.