Saturday, October 13, 2007

FOs and Thoughts

Pattern: Vary Warm Hat by Elizabeth Zimmermann Knitting Around

Yarn: Blue: Philosopher's Wool Cream ~ Lion Brand Fisherman Wool

Needles: size 8

I finished this hat last weekend. Blogger, however, was being rather stupid, so I haven't been able to post the photo before today. I love the hat, and it is actually a very warm hat. It was a simple pattern. It was a great thing to work on while watching Ken Burns new film "The War."
I finally got around to felting my new Fibertrends clogs. I wear them all the time. Such a fabulous pattern.
It is hard to decide what to do with this blog now. I keep my stitches at Ravelry now, so it seems a tad redundant to post everything here too. My life can be somewhat dull. I am not sure you all would want to read about the life of a boring woman in a small Midwestern town.
Maybe I should start sharing some of my recipes. I am a very good cook. I do a lot of "comfort" food. This is the time of year to share warm, hearty one pot meals. So, do you all want to be let in on my cooking hints as well as knitting?
Happy knitting (cooking)!


Anonymous said...

Cooking hints?? YES! Sign me up.

Scattered Gemini said...

When i do post, i still post about my knitting on my blog as Ravelry is not open to the public yet and i have non-Ravelry friends who can't get in yet. Also, the blog helps people far away know what we're up to...ya know, whenever we are up to anything. ;)

jen said...

very jealous of the very pretty hat lesa!
also please share some new stuff for me to cook when nat says what do you want for dinner on these coming weekends??

SalemRose said...

Yes yes post your recipes. I want to maple syrup turkey!!! Love you!