Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yet another snow day!

Not the best picture of the snow, but I didn't want to go outside to get anything better. I didn't even open the storm door!

I am sick to death of snow days. I don't get paid, and I can not *officially* start my new job! I can't hang my Harry Potter posters on the wall. Tomorrow there should be school, and I will take pictures of *my* classroom to share with you all.

It is rare, but Sly can be romantic sometimes. Blood red long steamed roses sure do make a girls heart melt. At least he remembered Valentines Day.

Pattern: Bradgelina from Crazy Aunt Purl
Yarn: Wool-ease Thick n Quick
Needles: size 11 16 inch circ.

This is a great hat. I made it for Dulaan, but now that I have re-read the page, it seems that they prefer 100% wool. I may just take this down to the homeless shelter I drive by when going to class. I will be making another out of some totally yummy bulky alpaca I have. It is a great hat.

Pattern: Basic roll brim hat variation from Knitting for Peace
Yarn: Wool-ease chunky
Needles: size 9

I may have to give this to the homeless shelter as well. It is a nice hat, but not 100% wool.

Happy Knitting!

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GaiaGal said...

I think the snow is pretty, but it sure is a bit too late in the season to be festive. Well, for my tastes anyway. We have lots of ice. UGH!

You flowers are lovely, Sly did great! :)